Health insurance is essential, especially now with the Affordable Care Act, or “ObamaCare,” as it has been called. At Brad Sizemore Insurance agency, we can help individuals, couples, families, and business owners find the right coverage for their needs. We recognize the need for quality coverage in case of medical emergencies and will work with you to create an affordable plan for everyone involved.

Affordable Health Insurance
Since the Affordable Care Act, if you do not receive insurance through your employer, you must somehow be covered, whether through a private agency or The Marketplace, which varies by state. If you choose to be uninsured or cannot afford insurance, you are subject to a penalty by the government if you meet the minimum income requirements.

To obtain quality health insurance for you and your family, call our office or fill in the contact information form, and a Brad Sizemore Insurance representative will provide you with all the details you need to make the right choice for your particular circumstances.

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