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Brad Sizemore Insurance serves Wilmington, Leland and Hampstead, NC with the region's leading auto, home and commercial insurance services. In our blog, Brad and Nationwide Insurance weigh in on some key insurance and safety tips for policyholders throughout Southeast North Carolina. Browse our articles and blogs below for more information!

Nationwide Insurance Tire Buying Guide: How to Buy the Right Tires

Time to replace your tires? The tire buying process can be a confusing one, especially with all the numbers, brands and types of tires on the market. Do you even need new tires in the first place? Brad Sizemore and Nationwide Insurance are here to help with their Tire Buying Guide. Our guide covers all of your tire questions from how to read a tire's sidewall, to what type of tire best suits your needs. Brad Sizemore of Wilmington, NC is always offering auto safety and maintenance information for our auto insurance carriers throughout Wilmington, Leland and Hamstead, NC. Call Brad Sizemore today to learn more!
Nationwide Insurance Tire Buying Guide

The Evolution of Distracted Driving: Then and Now

Brad Sizemore Insurance is dedicated to keeping drivers safe throughout Wilmington, Hampstead and Leland, NC. Call our insurance agency today to learn more about safe driving, defensive driving tips, and auto accident statistics in the area. As your local Nationwide Insurance Agent, Brad Sizemore has extensive educational resources at his disposal to share with you! Learn about how distracted driving has evolved with the times in this month's Nationwide Blog Post! Call us today to learn more about car insurance and auto accident statistics in North Carolina.
Auto Insurance - Safe driving advice

6 Safe Driving Tips - Defensive Driving

Brad Sizemore Insurance of Wilmington, NC cares about your safety. While you may follow the rules of the road, that isn't true for everyone. Stay protected behind the wheel with our Six Safe Defensive Driving Tips. Call today for more car accident or driving statistics and learn more about the auto insurance options offered at our agency. 
Car Insurance - Safe driving tips

Technology Against Drowsy Driving

Driving while drowsy is highly dangerous, causing more than 100,000 auto accidents each year. Nearly 11 million Americans have reported nearly causing an accident while falling asleep at the wheel. Learn more about drowsy driving, one of today's most dangerous driving epidemics, with Nationwide Insurance and Brad Sizemore, Wilmington, NC's local Nationwide Insurance Agent.
Auto Insurance in Wilmington, NC - accident prevention

Preventing Teen Driving Distractions

It's National Teen Driver Safety Week - work with your teen to practice safe and responsible driving by looking into some of these tips from Nationwide Insurance. Call Brad Sizemore today to learn more about Nationwide Auto Insurance and staying safe on the road.
Bradsize More Auto Insurance - Driver safety

Be Knowledgeable About Your Insurance

Brad Sizemore strives to work with you to deliver superior insurance products and boosting your knowledge base. We encourage our clients to know more about their insurance to ensure they're getting the coverage they're looking for. Feel free to review Nationwide Insurance's glossary of Common Insurance Terms.
Home, Auto and Homeowner Insurance

Car Insurance: Making the Right Call!

If you’re currently in the process of buying and insuring a new car it is important to read up on the various forms of auto insurance coverage to make sure you make the best choice for your vehicle and budget. Let Brad Sizemore, Wilmington, North Carolina's local Nationwide auto insurance agent help you make the right decision.
Different types of auto insurance

6 Helpful Apps For Buying a Home

Interested in becoming a homeowner? Read into these apps to help you buy your perfect home for the perfect price! These tips provided by your local Wilmington, NC Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Agent.
Home Insurance Wilmington, NC - home buying tips

Finding Reasonable Auto Insurance Prices for Teens

Auto Insurance Tips Provided by your local Wilmington, NC Nationwide Insurance Agent, Brad Sizemore Insurance

Age is a premium factor considered by car insurance providers when offering quotes to their prospective clients. Teenage drivers have less experience behind the wheel and are generally more prone to wrecking their vehicles. Learn more about finding reasonable auto insurance prices for your teen and the educational tips offered by Brad Sizemore Insurance, your local Nationwide Insurance agent.
Auto insurance prices for teens

10 Useful Things to Keep Handy in Your Glove Compartment

What are you keeping in your glove compartment? There are items that can be crucial to keep in your vehicle while there are other items that are just convenient to have on hand. Learn what your glove compartment is missing. These tips provided by your local Wilmington, NC Nationwide Insurance Agent & Nationwide Insurance.
Auto Insurance Hampstead & Leland, NC - useful glove compartment items

Top Car Insurance Misconceptions 

 When it comes to car insurance, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. Know the facts when it comes to your auto insurance to make better decisions and to make the most out of your package. These auto insurance tips provided by your local Wilmington, NC Nationwide Insurance Agent & Nationwide Insurance.
Car insurance misconceptions
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